6 ways to look good while stuck inside by MAN 1924

6 ways to look good while stuck inside by MAN 1924

Article: Jorge Navares / Photography: Olga Castillo

Some of you have shown interest on how Carlos and I dress while working at home or making a video call, either for work or with friends. Given the current situation, many of us must telework, a new experience for some, known to others, but in any case, requiring motivation to be able to carry it out effectively. Sometimes it is easy to be distracted or to have your work interrupted by external factors. That is why it is important to know how to distinguish and separate things, to have an attitude to face what we are doing. Within this attitude, there are factors, such as clothing, that may help you achieve this.

We propose 6 outfits to make the hard days not so hard, to make this confinement a bit more pleasant and… with a MAN 1924 touch.

OUTFIT 1: Time to work

Comfort and versatility. Today you are facing a working day, but the situation does not require video conferencing… saved by the bell! In this case, we propose a look that makes you feel comfortable and allows you freedom of movement. Navy Geelong knitted sweater*, Grey Striped English Neck Sport Shirt and pumpkin Tomi pants.

OUTFIT 2 and 3: Latest news and videoconference

Today it’s time to show your face, catch up and connect with your work network. How about a slightly more formal outfit? Kennedy Jacket and Grey Prince of Wales Trousers, Turquoise Striped Navy Silk Tie* and White Poplin Shirt with English Collar *.

What we call a full-fledged Kennedy suit. Our regular-fit Kennedy jacket will provide comfort, while linen is a fabric that breathes more and will keep you cool… even if the day gets complicated!


Kennedy jackets and Tomi and George pants have a pattern and construction designed for comfort. We perform many tests and create prototypes to make our garments increasingly anatomical, so that the garment becomes a second skin through use.

If you want to provide a more informal touch to this look, you may always do without the tie and unfasten the top button of your shirt. Here is another suggestion, a little more informal, but just as comfortable and stylish: Green Linen-Cotton Trench Kennedy Jacket, Green Linen-Cotton Trench George Trousers, White Poplin Shirt with English Collar * and black Tassel Moccasins from AldenThe Green Linen-Cotton Trench coat is a quality we have especially worked on in this Spring / Summer 2020 collection. Cotton/linen are fabrics we specially like for our Kennedy jackets or suits. Mixing both fabrics, we manage to obtain the benefits from both. Both are very breathable and open in the fabric’s weave. This allows the air to circulate through the fabric and makes the garment more pleasant to wear in high temperatures.

OUTFIT 4: Time for family games?

One of the positive things of this confinement is, doubtless, the time we are dedicating again to our family. For these moments, it is important to have an outfit providing breathability, comfort and freshness. There’s nothing like a comfortable polo and pants, like our Navy-Royal Blue Striped Long Sleeve Polo and Black Popeline Tomi pants.

Knitwear will be your great ally.

OUTFIT 5 and 6: I deserve a break

Remember mate, save some time for yourself. In this new situation it is hard (what a paradox!) to find a moment of calm. However, the situation and your mental wellness require so. A beer in the balcony or terrace or catching those sunrays coming through the window.

For this situation we propose a touch of colour with the following outfit: cotton Tomi pants, Ecru-Blue Pinstripes Mao Shirt, Diamonds mustard reversible fishing cap and boat shoes by Astorflex*. A look that will protect you from the sun if you are outdoors and of maximum comfort with the adjustable waist of our Tomi pants.

If you are less into beer and more into outdoor hobbies like gardening… how about a Blue-Khaki Striped Long Sleeve Polo, Tomi Pants  and Tic Tac Toe terracotta reversible Fishing Cap?

In any case, whatever you do, try to have the best time possible; we hope we have made this reading a more pleasant moment. Cheer up!

* This product is available for sale in our shops located in Bilbao and Madrid, temporarily closed because of the current confinement situation. In case you are interested in this product, you may contact us through our contact form in our online store. Thank you.

** Sending information to this email implies acceptance of the legal notice And the privacy policy of MAN 1924

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