MAN 1924 Surfboards
by Adrokultura

MAN 1924 is embarking on a new adventure.

From Bilbao and the coast of the Bay of Biscay, known across the world for its great surfing waves, we've partnered up with Adrokultura to make handmade surfboards.

Process and history 

Adrokultura was set up in 2012 by Adrian Lopez —who had been surfing since childhood and was familiar with the craftsmanship and dedication required by the boundless world of the surfboard— and Alex Rojas, who took charge of glassing and finishing the boards, looking after all the little details that ensure the very finest results.

All their boards are handmade from start to finish — just as they were in the old days. Each board is designed to a previous idea, with a complete understanding of how they function and how they are to be ridden.

Adrian and Alex always start from a study taking into account both the history of surfing and the latest designs. They spend endless hours in their small studio, fine-tuning every detail to perfection.

Carlos Castillo and Adrián met while sharing waves and came up with the idea of forming a partnership, each one leaving their own distinct mark on the design of the boards. They soon discovered that MAN 1924 and Adrokultura shared the same belief in the value of local artisan work, dedication and the importance of detail. In short, both men believed that, in these fast-paced, digitalized times, there is still room for another way of doing things.

MAN 1924 Surfboards
A tribute to Dick Brewer and Skip Frye

Dick Brewer, the countercultural shaper for brave surf riders and Skip Frye, known for his smooth cut and classic surfing style — two names that will be immediately recognizable to any enthusiast.

This collection is a tribute to the two shaper's contribution to the surfing world.

Single fin 7’0 and 7’4

Together with Bob McTavish, Dick Brewer is considered to be one of the pioneers of the shortboard revolution of the late 60s and early 70s.

His shaping career developed in Hawaii and his designs are completely influenced by the islands' powerful waves — single fins with the widest board area set ahead of the centre and striking pintails. 

We replicate these features in our single fins, to provide great ride control. 


Length 7'0 and 7'4 · Width 20 3/4 · Thickness 3

Longfish 7’0

Skip Frye shaped for major brands in the industry including  Gordon & Smith. In the late 80s he started shaping boards between 11 and 12 feet long.

Among these was his Fish Simmons, the inspiration for our LongFish.

The Longfish is synonymous with glide and speed. 


Length 7'0  · Width 21 · Thickness 3

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