Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy is intended to provide the information necessary for any user of the website to decide whether to allow the installation of cookies used by Man 1924 S.L. and how to manage them. Thus, we provide some basic notions that we consider essential for any Internet user (what cookies are and what they can be used for, or how to disable or delete them), and we facilitate the identification of our cookies.

Information about the Cookies Policy of Man 1924 S.L. is provided through two layers: the first, a "notice" in the footer of the website, warning of the installation of non-exempted cookies - describing their purpose - in case of continuing browsing without changing the Configuration of the browser. Also, a link to the present Policy is provided so that the user can be aware of further details about its content and operation, this being the second layer of information.

Our Cookies Policy is public and permanently accessible through the link enabled on the website, called "Cookies", which users can access to be informed at all times.

This Cookie Policy may be updated at any time as a result of a regulation change or as a result of any change in the configuration of cookies used.

Man 1924 S.L. may use cookies, and other similar technologies (from now on collectively called “Cookies”), to store and retrieve information from the terminal devices of the users of their websites.

Cookies are files or computer programmes, sent to a browser through a web server, which store information on the user's computer when accessing or browsing a website, and allowing access to that information after installation. In other words, they are information elements that a website installs on your device when you visit it. These devices may contain information about the browsing habits of the users or the computer on which they are installed, or may even be used to recognize the user.

Types of Cookies

There are several types of cookies depending on the purpose they are used for. MAN 1924 uses the following types of cookies:

The cookies used by MAN 1924 are anonymous and do not provide references that enable to deduct personal data of the user. To find out about our policy of protection of personal data consult our Privacy Policy.

Cookie Management

The installation of the cookies will occur after obtaining the consent of the users. We believe that we have obtained such consent if the user browses our website.

If the user wishes to revoke the consent, he/she must delete the installed cookies and, if necessary, modify his/her preferences regarding the acceptance of cookies through the options of his/her browser. To prevent cookies from being installed in the future, you must activate the Private Navigation options or "Do-Not-Track" options provided in your browser, that is, block or disable the installation of cookies.

To allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer or device by configuring the browser options installed on it, you must follow the instructions provided by the browser itself. Below we provide the links to configure the cookies of the most popular browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Eliminate and manage cookies
  • Mozilla Firefox: Delete Cookies; Prevent websites from saving your preferences or session states in Firefox
  • Google Chrome: Manage cookies and site data.
  • Opera: cookies.
  • Safari: Safari web settings.

If you use any other browser, or the links provided do not contain the information you want, you can find how to manage the cookies that are installed on your computer by accessing the "Options" or "Settings" menu - or equivalent - of the browser, or by consulting the "Help" or "Support" section of the browser itself.

There are browsers that allow you to configure specific rules - exceptions - to manage cookies per website, so that cookies on all sites other than those you trust can be disabled.

To control / manage "Google Ads" you can use the following link: You may also voluntarily opt out of collecting DoubleClick (Google) information through the following link:

On the other hand, if you do not want the Google Analytics JavaScript code to collect your visit data, you can install the Google Analytics browser disabling plug-in: The plug-in does not prevent information from being sent to the website or, by other means, to other web analytics services. You can find other privacy configuration options for Google services at the following link:

In case of blocking or deactivating the use of cookies in your browser some services or functionalities of the web page may not be available. Remember that you must configure your preferences on all the devices you use to surf the internet

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